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Moving with the Spirit Mind - Systemic Family Constellations Workshop

"If you have never done Family Constellation work, it is a powerful healing method.  It deals with healing the family dynamics, including patterns from generations back, and can create tremendous transformation. I have experienced this myself! I highly recommend this workshop, and I recommend Danuta as a teacher/leader." - Joan Forrest Mage


"The workshop was wonderful for me--it's still sinking in! I've tried not to think about it too much because then I would over-analyze it! I know for sure that watching some of the other constellations helped me have much more compassion for my father and the challenges he faced with me. (.....)  I think you're a wonderful healer and would like to work with you again!"  - J.L., Chicago


"Dear Danuta, since we met last I feel I have grown in many positive ways. The constellations and bioenergy you did for me have deeply altered the way I perceive life. I feel liberated and like I am going through a lot of spiritual growth spurt. I want to thank you again for helping me understand my place both within and without my family. I also send you my love." - E. Koosed, NYC


"Danuta, I wanted to thank you for the class. It was deeply moving. I did as you suggested and let it all settle into me. I've had a good side effect: I noticed the day after when I was at the health club that I stood up from my seat without using my hands. I'd been unable to do that for about a year and a half. It feels quite miraculous! My heart felt thanks. You are gifted at what you do (...) I feel I am on the right path with you."

- R. Marquardt, Chicago

Finding Peace - Spiritual Retreat 2009

"Filled with peacefulness. Located in an extraordinary land filled with positive and sacred energy. I feel a new and profound awakening to the land and to my ancestors, an amazing gratitude for what they meant in my life. Danuta is a soft, well educated teacher, whose vision and depth of the inner self and the knowledge of all she has been given, makes her a delightful person to welcome into one's life. I love the workshop, the cabins, the paths; the cooperation in bringing and sharing the food was superb! Yes, I would love to take another seminar with Danuta." -A. Monterosso


"I feel this was the right timing and the right experience for where I'm on my spiritual journey. It was confirmation that I am on the right path and your leadership aided in that." - Bill Kadlec


"Dear Danuta, thank you for a wonderful and enchanting retreat here at Gilchrist. It has filled my spirit with love connections to continue my life journey with the assurance that 'Everything will be okay wherever life takes me'" - V. Velasquez


"Walking the Labyrinth in the middle of November was amazing. Wonderful location, very serene, very helpful staff. Would do it again at a moment's notice. Leaving with a much greater sense of self and connection with parents. Thanks." - A. Pearce


"The activities were simple enough- teh Labyrinth, the dreamcatchers and building shrines (for the ancestors) - yet they were deep reaching. The location and facilities were as remarkable as the 50F warm weather. Thank you for teaching me how to find what I thought I did not have access to. Peace, Blessings and Love." - Donna


"Loved the serene setting and accomodations. We liked the mix of activities- the meditation followed by hiking around the beautiful grounds. Loved walking the Labyrinth. We loved Danuta's insights and pauses to let things settle inside. We liked the pace of it - having time for reflection. We especially enjoyed the family meditation and drums going into it. We love your gentle guidance that lets us find our own pace and is so non-judgmental. We feel enriched for having come here. Thanks! - Becky and Lynn

Shamanic Family Constellations in Manhattan

"I've brought the solution from the constellation home with me. I certainly feel as if I'm traveling light, bringing to my parents a brightness rather than the baggage of my illness. I was relieved to see neither tears nor worry in their eyes for the first time in a while. I'm letting things simply happen without analyzing as you said, I know changes take place and time without even knowing. That is what I honored most about your circle constellation, a respect for time and patience. As well as a balance of spoken words and silence, one that was filled with so much energy. You let things happen without forcing them and it was a powerful experience for all of us. The group dynamic allowed me some breathing room, and expansion of my family constellation. I thank you for this experience and I wish you the best in spreading it to others." - Anonymous


"Hi Danuta, Thanks for the great experience! Certainly, something happened that day and keeps changing. I just want to embrace the "unknown", trying to be open and let the universe do the rest. You are a kind an warm guide. Blessings to you!" - Anonymous


"I was visiting my friend in NYC when she brought me to attend Danuta's Shamanic Constellation workshop. I was nervous and skeptical before the workshop but the healing that happened for me towards my mother was 100% real and life changing. Danuta is very loving, intuitive, guided by the spirit and has divine guides helping her. There is nothing to be scared of. I highly recommend that everybody should attend her workshop and come with a humble heart and open mind." - Anonymous


"I am amazed at how influential and overwhelming and beautiful the family constellations workshop was. I am feeling better now - I had a hard time post-constellations for a week or so. - I wasn't expecting such an experience but I am glad I did it. To dig through one's past in order to change the present is a powerful experience (...)  I am grateful that I was in company of such loving giving people while doing such hard personal work, and also to have participated in constellations of others. You are a loving, trusting guide, and I thank you for that." - Anonymous


"Danuta is astonishing, keen, sees beneath things. very alert and thourough and protective. She works her own way and within shamanic principles. It is true that a lot of stuff can get stirred up. which for me is the value of having shamanic protection intention and strong spirit guides to find the best route for "what wants to happen now". like any field, the practitiner, the facilitator, the person not the practice, matters." Barnaby Ruhe, Ph.D.

Shamanic Journeying at Columbia College (student names witheld)

"Wow... that was the most emotional time I've ever had in class. It was an experience unlike anything else before. In those several hours I felt connected and so close to everyone else it was unbelievable. The emotion, the positive energy, all of that was so strong, there was just a certain aura in the air that made me feel like everything would be all right..." 


"I was a flying horse with wings!!! I could not name another class ever in the past (and it's not likely for the future either) where I got a chance to fly a horse! The shamanic journey was an amazing experience from the very first moment till the very end."


"I really liked the drumming. It's wonderful to get so engaged and lost, so effortlessly. It was like I automatically went to a heartspace."


"The class was definitely one of the most spiritual and captivating experiences in my life. I found myself thinking and dreaming about my power animal well after the class session was over....(..) During the ritual, when the climax of all of our drums beating as one, I felt very warm inside. I was totally aware of my own energy (...). I have always been aware of the power within to free yourself and transcend into something that you are totally happy with. Life is one big pursuit of happiness. However, I never really understood the spiritual aspect and how significant it is. This class has shown me the way."


"The experience with Danuta and our Shamanic Journey was really incredible. I haven't been able to connect with my inner self on such a level before with guided meditation. I'm not sure if it was the drumming or the collective consciousness of the classroom, but it was like dreaming while being awake (or perhaps I was just "awakening).  Either way I really enjoyed the experience and I think I got a lot from it."


"The most valuable lessons I have obtained from the shamanic journeys include the power of togetherness and accepting help. Through our power animals we discover aspects of ourselves we may need to work on. Along with our animal we can resolve our problems as well as our weaknesses. We can turn to our power animal for help and guidance too. Having our class come together as one was very powerful and created an atmosphere in the room that was full of a very powerful energy."


"When Danuta called us to come back to this reality, my bird just soared down towards the earth and dropped me off. I could hear the drumming coming back from a far away distance, getting closer and closer. My power animal nodded his head to say goodby and he flew away, I knew I would see him again so it was not a sad goodbye. When I came to, I was awake and vibrant. I felt completely refreshed."


"I really appreciated the journey process(...) I felt it was somehting I would like to contuinue working on. I feel that the power animal is a guide and he/she will help you throughout your life if you are lacking focus. Having a power animal reminds me of the core self. I feel like the power animal is the deepest part of our core self. The power animal is also a witness. It knows what goes on even if we do not recognize that it is present. It is our all-knowing being.  I feel that the power animal is what I must strive to acknowledge. I want to know my power animal more so therefore I can know myself more."

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