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​​My metaphysical training taught me that the foundation of everything is consciousness. Therefore consciousness must change for a healing to occur. An illness is a life-changing event and also a call for inner change. When taken as an opportunity for change, it often leaves, like a messenger that did his job.

Types of Spiritual Counseling I do: 






Healer Spirit by Barnaby Ruhe

In order to bring about the inner change that is called for, we look at how the client sees him/herself, how she relates to her problem, how he views life, how she uses her power, what isn't working in his/her relationships, what is missing, what are the inner archetypes that must be strengthened, the limiting belief systems to be discarded, etc. For example, a client who had been in traditional therapy for 34 years achieved a breakthrough in the first session when we worked with the metaphor that captured his systemic entanglement with his parents. The metaphor allowed him to move beyond the mental processing and work directly with the intrinsic images within his soul. We do live and heal by such images.

The insights that fuel transformation emerge from our conversations, from the client's dreams and inner journeys, from my intuitive viewing of the soul's images and working with the symbol and metaphor that are the language of the soul. Any change in the inner realm is in time reflected or manifested in the outer realm, in the body and in one's worldly affairs. We focus on the inner realm because it is the realm of cause.

The inner images that we hold are vital to how our life will unfold. 

The creative soul forces flow through these images into manifestation. 

An inner image of life as a struggle will externalize as struggle. 

An internalized image of wholeness will manifest as wholeness.

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