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"Danuta – it’s been at least 3 years that I’ve been coming to you on a regular basis. I should say, transformative years.  This comes not only as a big thank you, but also, for a testimony to others who may come your way seeking healing. At 61 years of age and fairly accomplished in life (as it may have appeared on the outside…a beautiful beloved partner who is now my wife, wonderful children, grandchildren, financial success, and many other outward signs)… in truth, I came to you because on the inside I was quite a mess.  Years of struggling with emotions, hurts lingering from childhood, a long marriage gone bad, challenges of creating a new love relationship,  fears and insecurities in my professional life, and hiding under it all so called “recreational” drug abuse.  Interspersed were some moments of fun and happiness, but clearly my life was out of balance and headed down.  Imagine trying to show the world that all is bright and sunny and in reality living in a constant rain storm – for years, with only brief breaks in the clouds.  Anti-depressants can’t cure that. Thank you for soft and compassionate listening; for your connection to spirit and being guided by love; for serving as my guide and using your insight, wisdom, tools, and techniques to help ME unveil answers that I otherwise could not see on my own.  Your blend of all of these and much more are your gifts, uniquely coming together in a powerful force that serves as the facilitation for us to find that which heals ourselves.  What’s been remarkable is the awareness that we are our own healers but need a guide, the right guide.  You have truly been that for me. This has been an ongoing process and not one I had imagined at the outset.  Like most people, I expected a couple doses of magic would handle what I needed and I’d go my merry way.  Not so.  Instead it’s been a process of uncovering things that have formed me and created my life-lens that in many ways has interfered with my ability to live an appreciative and joyful life.  Through our work I have clarity and insight and that knowing has created more “space” where joy and appreciation can reside and grow. The most important thing I’ve learned is about the journey.  There is no end, only continued unfolding, healing, and creation of more ”space” so that joy can abound.  Yes, I still have moments of struggle. That is the human condition.  But at the same time knowing that there is a way allows me to stay committed to the path and increasingly be enabled to live a life with more hope, contentment and joy. My dearest grattude to you Danuta." - John Stanek


"Danuta's wide experience, education, wisdom, insights, and multiple healing modalities have changed my life and continue to do so. That is why I've continued to seek out her thoughtful expertise. She is comfortable and experienced with many modes of reaching the essential. Some of the ways we work are conversation, Jin Shin Jyutsu, journeying, connecting with the ancestors, dream analysis, drumming- always the right one at the right time. I've also participated in her Family Constellation workshops. I've experienced personal growth in al facets and levels of my life- spiritual, physical, and in relationships. Our sessions are expansive, but focused. I feel that my life has changed both immeasurably and, at the same time, very measurably." - E. Johnson, Oak Park, IL 


"I feel whole for the first time ever. I am not eating compulsively. I feel full most of the time, like there is not a hole that needs filling. In moments of anxiety, which are not often, I think that I have my little girl, I hug my own body, and have this sense of completeness, that whatever happens on the outside, I am secure in this and will be okay. I have been steadily working on this generally for years, but you have facilitated a radical change in just over an hour. You are a gift to me and to the world. Infinite thanks..." - H.H., New Orleans, LA


"Going to visit Danuta's office for healing has been one of the most wonderful and helpful experiences for me. In a short period of time she was able to help me heal my emotional "wounds" as well as my physical problems. With each session, consisting of body work and verbal counseling, Danuta managed to help me get over a serious viral infection, eye infection, chest pains, skin rash, fatigue, as well as anger, confusion and depression. She also taught me techniques that I can perform on my own and thus, participate in my own healing. As a result, I am very confident to put my well-being in her hands, and I am very grateful for everything she has done for me." - I. Denkovski, Oak Park, IL


"I hope your important work is continuing Danuta. Thank you for helping us. My life is almost back to normal and I'm feeling so much better." 
- (received remote healing for fibromyalgia) D. Carter, Ledbury, England 


"As you started the treatment, my daughter fell asleep. Two hours later she woke up and said 'Mamma, I'm hungry'. It was such a relief to watch her eat again" - (her daughter with anorexia who at that point had completely stopped eating, received a series of remote healings. She is fully recovered now) B. Galardini, Rome, Italy 


"I experienced a remarkable shamanic journey and soul-retrieval session from Danuta Jirik. I got in touch with a powerful totem animal, a white spider, which really helped crystalize my life purpose as a weaver and connector of cosmic threads and meta-trends. I also retrieved several essential soul parts, the vibrant, feisty 4 year-old in me, Butchie, as well as the heart-warrior dimension of myself. These retrievals have continued to play an on-going role and inspiration in my opening into fullness and embracing of my life work. I am deeply grateful to Danuta for her sacred gifts and for her compassionate heart." - Bill Hayashi, Ph.D.


"I cannot tell you what a difference there is in me since our last session.........  Sometimes I cannot express in words what I am feeling inside and what a difference there is in me.  It is like when you try to explain something, you lose it. I only hope my 'testimonial' does you justice."........"I met Danuta when I signed up for a Shamanic Journey Workshop.  I was scheduled to have total knee replacement in a few weeks, and I wanted to ensure that I was doing all I could for a successful outcome. It has been 6 weeks and I am doing good with the help of Danuta and her wonderful "spirit of healing". Not only did Danuta help me physically but has helped me to heal on an emotional level as well through her use of the Yuen Method.  The difference in one day - by releasing old programming - has been so healing for me.  I will be seeing Danuta again and am looking forward to the continued healing - both mind, body and spirit.  I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to meet and work with Danuta. She is such a loving and kind person who has so much to give.  Thank you, Danuta" - Jeanette Shea


"Danuta is truly generous in her giving, and her healing work comes from the heart. I went to Danuta for help on numerous occasions, and she was always able to choose from the repertoire of her healing methods the one that was the best suited for the occasion. When my labor wouldn’t start one week after my due date, I went to Danuta and she did some energy work, and also showed me and my husband the acupressure points that would help start the labor. My labor started the very next morning.  Once my one-year old daughter had a piece of carrot stuck in her  throat. It wasn’t life threatening, but it did cause her to have a noisy, wheezing breath. My pediatrician referred me to the emergency room. Danuta, however, explained to me over the phone which acupressure points needed to be stimulated to help expel the piece of carrot. I used the acupressure, and in less than an hour my daughter coughed, and the piece of carrot dislodged itself from her throat. I was so grateful to Danuta for sparing me from a visit to the emergency room, which could have entailed a long wait, x-rays, and the extraction of the carrot with surgical instruments.   I also had a large cyst on my ovary that would twist on itself and cause excruciating pain.  Danuta was able to relieve the pain by doing an over-the phone or distant treatment. She had also given me distant treatments to prepare me for the surgery to remove the cyst. Thanks to Danuta’s help I felt less afraid of the surgery, and more confident of a speedy recovery. In fact, the surgery went very well, and the wound healed very fast.  Danuta has also taught me how to go on shamanic journeys, and helped me meet my animal and plant spirit guides. These journeys helped me resolve some relationship problems in my family, and gave me a way to access my inner creative power. Now, when I am having a difficult time, I can call on my spirit guides, and receive help from them.  Danuta has given me wonderful tools that I can use on my own to help myself heal physically and emotionally. Healing sessions with Danuta are helping me become the kind of person I want to be – joyful, healthy and free of negativity." 
- Y. Shukhina, Chicago, IL


"One morning, with pain all over my body and no energy to move, I was lucky to have Danusia close by, and she performed a few minutes shiatsu-like massage on my spine. The result was almost immediate and I felt great all day, my energy came back and the pain went away. I wish I could have her near me all the time to perform such magic! My husband Julian had one session with Danuta, and his chronic pain and bloating disappeared for several months. The distance does not allow us to see her more often but for someone who lives close by to her I would highly recommend to experience her healing powers."- K. Schwartz, Toronto, Canada


"Thank you so much for your time and energy. I am sure you have a rare gift that helps healing (..) All those who have scoliosis have to learn to live with some pain all the time. However, some days are more difficult than others and some are simply unbearable. On one of those bad days Danusia was visiting us and after 1/2hr session I felt like a new person. All the pain was gone. In the beginning my whole body hurt, and during the session the contracted muscles slowly released and she then focused on trigger points. In the next few minutes all pain was gone. What a wonderful feeling of relief! Few days later, I had a session from a distance, I live in Toronto, and Danusia in Chicago. We set the day and time. I was not feeling bad that day except a dull pain in the lower back. During the session the pain intensified and at the end of the 1/2 hr was very strong. I got up from the bed with difficulties and walked around, and suddenly, the pain disappeared altogether; it only took few minutes. I had one more session today and feel great. In spite of my previous skepticism of distant healing I would recommend it to anyone who needs help. It worked in my case!" 
- K. Schwartz, Toronto, Canada


"Danuta, thanks for getting my wrist back to normal so quickly. When I sprained it last October doing work, my assumption was that my hand would be back to full strength within a week. After two months of nagging pain and disuse (in my dominant hand, no less) I'm really glad you were able to examine the wrist and go to work on immediately reducing the pain and swelling. The elastic bandage I was wearing actually became LOOSE as the inflammation subsided on the spot! Healing proceeded quickly following that treatment and my hand is practically good as new, two weeks later. Many thanks, Mel." - M. Zaloudek, Berwyn, IL


"I suffered from migraine headaches for 10 years of my life, and after Danuta gave me a treatment they began to ease up. Now at 16 years old, I haven't had a headache in months."- S. Ginsburg, Oak Park, IL


"Late in my pregnancy, my baby turned and was in a breach position. I went to Danuta and by the next week's doctor appointment, the baby had turned around. The session with Danuta was peaceful and relaxing yet at the same time fun. I enjoyed working with Danuta."
- B. Anderson, Oak Park, IL


"I would like to tell you about an amazing experience I had from my dear friend Danuta. First of all I would like to say she is the light of the world. The purity and talent that she has as a healer is beyond anything I have ever seen. She has a pure love and care for people that is wonderful to see in this age where it seems like we forget to stop and care. Here's what Danuta helped me through. On April 30, 2005 I went skydiving and unfortunately had a very hard and fast landing. I was in the hospital for 6 days. I underwent two surjeries and had two screws in each ankle. I had broken ligaments on my left ankle and stretched them severly on my right. I had also broken both fibula bones in my legs. So, I was in a wheelchair and non-weight bearing. The worst part of this for me was I had started to have leg cramps and was unable to stand on my legs to stretch them out. The answer the hospital had for this was to give me Vallium. It would relax me, but then I felt as if I was in a haze. A day after I left the hospital I went to a Mother's Day Retreat that my dear friend Danuta was at. We went outside to take a workshop in healing and I was very much unable to help anyone myself. Danuta noticed I was starting to have problems with my cramps. When we went inside I was prepared to take a Vallium. Danuta asked if she could work on me, and if I still needed the pill after I could still take it. It sounded reasonable to me. Danuta did her amazing energy work on me. Not only did I not need a pill that day I never had another cramp again. It was the most amazing gift I could have asked for. I highly reccomend Danuta as a truly gifted healer. The purity of the energy with which she works and the knowledgeshe brings to her healings is truly amazing. I think sometimes we are quick to listen to medical professionals that giveus a pill. But a healing is much more effective and your body gets the chance to help itself without all the chemicals." - Elle Clark
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