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Hardly any problem is one-dimensional. We are interdependent, immersed in the web of relationships. Our problems often connect us to past traumas, past events, to others in our family systems, places where something got stuck and remained unresolved  in our own soul or in the soul of our family. The issues we deal with have often functioned in our families for generations. Therefore one cannot stop at trying to cure a symptom, the symptoms most often are messengers in service of a deeper healing. As we follow the threads of that connectivity in the holistic resolutions healing process and resolve the 'stuckness' right at its source, we free up the vital life force that was frozen in the past and restore the power that was lost.


Our inner images change, our sense of self changes, and our lives change as a result. I facilitate this process with great care and great respect, without judgment. It is a journey. Everyone is a living story, dreaming a dream of life, and the good thing is that the story can be rewritten and the dream can become a better dream, in this lifetime, right now. As we get in touch with the original instructions. As we begin to see with the new vision. As our heart opens with compassion where there was judgment, love begins to flow again.


I offer one-on-one sessions and group work in a workshop setting. Remote healing sessions over the phone are often very effective- "very beautiful and very intense"- in words of one of my remote clients. Feel free to email me with questions or call to schedule an appointment. I also conduct Family System Constellations Workshops and Shamanic Journey workshops in Oak Park, Chicago and other cities in the U.S. I would love to have you participate! These workshops are powerful and fun. Together we create a very safe, supportive atmosphere for deeply transformative work. As a facilitator and teacher I hold the sacred space with the help of compassionate helping spirits.


As I tune in to the client during the session I pay attention to what arises from the client's energy field and her soul-matrix as well as to what the client presents as the issue. Based on that I propose the healing way that will take us most directly towards the resolution. As I facilitate the healing, with the client's participation, the client's mind and her energy (or systemic) field undergoes subtle shifts. This shifting of conscious energy restores the healthy configuration and the body-mind complex can now heal itself in a way that is most appropriate. Since most of my information comes directly through care-full listening and connection with the the person's soul/energy/systemic matrix, the work is usually quick and direct. The information on the core of the issue comes up naturally, out of the soul's deep desire for returning to wholeness.





The past traumas, some acute and some as general as the oppressive atmosphere of the childhood home, live within us and hold hostage the younger self that is still engaged with the situations that have long passed (often by trying to take care of everyone involved). Somatic Experiencing allows to access the past traumas locked in the person's body without going into the content of what happened. Corrective regression and the inner child work helps the child-self leave the "frozen time-frame" and allows for profound healing and integration. It can radically change the person's inner feeling and make possible a huge shift towards a greater life.



Soul-retrieval is another shamanic-spiritual technique that I use when the events of the past were too difficult to handle and parts of the client's soul-self disconnected (a typical statement that would reflect that is: "I was not the same since then", or" It's like a part of me died"; a typical feeling is emotional numbness). The soul-retrieval restores the lost (or stolen) vital energy force. The emotional healing that follows, in tandem with spiritual counseling allow the client to reconnect to the power of his original soul-self and its resourcefullness, independence, courage and giftedness.



Our lives are embedded in a web of systemic relationships and other people's traumas and pain can also affect us- more deeply than we know. Family Constellations is a way to access and resolve the entanglements within the client's family system that have a negative effect on her and her children. The family constellations work is a powerful way to see and resolve the deeper issues that often hide behind anger, resentment, sense of isolation, failed relationships, depression, etc. The resolutions open the door to true love and the freedom to follow one's own destiny.

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