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Our lives are rooted in the experiences of our ancestors. The patterns that come down through our ancestral lines determine how we see ourselves, how we choose to live, how we relate to others. Are your roots healthy? Are they helping you thrive by drawing on the strength and the love that exist in your lineage? Or are they weakening you, as they draw on the conflict and pain that is still living there, unresolved... keeping you burdened and unhappy for reasons that you cannot understand? 


We often carry the pain of our parents, or other members of our family system, even back many generations to ancestors we are not consciously aware of. Their unresolved traumas and unfinished business eventually turn into our symptoms and problems. Illness, anxiety, addictions, emotional and physical pain, relationship issues, money issues, and lack of success can all be forms of unspoken family loyalty. 


"As the family is, so is life." - Bert Hellinger

Family Constellations Soul-Work allows us to see how unconscious family legacies affect us, and to transform negative patterns. In this workshop, we open a sacred space in which participants help one another by representing each others family members and ancestors, enacting scenes from the past. Through this process, unresolved family issues can be seen and brought towards resolution. 


Within a day, with a single insight, your life can change as you let go of entanglements and burdens and reconnect to your own destiny. As a result, love can flow again and create the life that you were meant to live. To prepare, please explore your family stories and find out whatever you can about loss, abandonment, exclusion, war trauma, etc., in your family history - all the things that were too big to bear, because these are the kind of things that get passed on in family systems.

Note: Not everyone gets to have their own constellation during the workshop, but everyone will experience some shifting. Just observing or participating in another's constellation are opportunities for profound new understanding and can move one's soul enough to start a process of the healing change. For the most part, the issues that are played out are universal and affect everyone present.


How it works: In the workshop, the person having her constellation states the issue and chooses other workshop participants to represent her and the members of her family system. The representatives are placed in the room in a spacial relationship to one another, a reflection of the client's inner image of the system (hence the name "constellation"). While occupying the position of a particular member of the system they are able to quite accurately report on the feelings of the people they represent. They feel, for example, pulled towards others or repelled by them, thus revealing the hidden dynamics and tensions within the system that relate to the issue in question. Working with this constellation involves helping the initial image to shift in the direction of resolution and results in leaving the client with a new image of his family system and his place in it. The soul forces can now flow through this new, balanced inner image and create an improved experience that reflects its harmony.

Danuta Jirik, Ph.D. is a holistic/shamanic healer. As a systemic facilitator, she is certified by Bert Hellinger in his 'Moving with the Spirit-Mind New Family Constellations', and completed advanced training with Mark Wolynn of Hellinger Institute of PA. She blends her shamanic training with the constellation work in a unique and powerful way, holding a safe space in partnership with the compassionate healing and healing spirits. 



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