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I'm Danuta Jirik. I'm from Poland and I lived in the U.S. for 36 years. My healing-learning-spiritualizing process started in the early 90's, after I graduated from college with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and no passion for my work (but plenty of pain). I found the passion and the healing of the mind in spiritual psychology, and the healing of the heart in the intense spiritual journey initiated by Siddha Yoga Meditation.


By 1996, I had completed the transition from physics to metaphysics and became a licensed practitioner of spiritual mind healing. Certification in Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy and Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics added the hands on and off energy techniques. Around the year 2000, I went through a shamanic awakening/calling, and subsequently trained with several shamanic mentors including Michael Harner and Alicia Gates of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Myron Eshowsky and Betsy Bergstrom.

I strive to bring you the best that the holistic approach to healing has to offer. I am resolution driven and will accomplish as much work as I can in as little time as possible. ~ Danuta Jirik, Ph.D.

In 2007, Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations Work got added to my "spiritual medicine bag". I completed advanced training for constellation facilitators with Mark Wolynn of the Hellinger Institute of W. Pennsylvania and I am certified by Bert Hellinger in Hellinger Sciencia (New Family Constellations: Moving with the Spirit-Mind) after intensive training directly with Bert in Austria, U.S. and Italy. Also, last but not least, I have completed the 3-year training in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing, Peter Levine's body-based approach to resolving trauma.  Since almost every one of my clients has experienced some form of an 'overwhelm' at some point in their lives, trauma healing has become a big part of my practice.


It's been over 20 years of a healing journey, and I want you to know that every healing technique I offer to my clients I tested on myself first, that's how I know it works. Every modality I learned to use was a huge step forward in my personal healing. Along the journey, my mind got transformed by metaphysics, my heart by Amma (also known as the hugging saint), the touch of the hands by the gifts of the spirit and by the art of Jin Shin, and the imagination took on a new meaning with shamanism.  The Family Constellations assisted in fully reclaiming my own destiny, and through Somatic Experiencing I have finally settled into my own body. I feel as if I've been turned inside out, so different from the way I used to be and yet the same person. And I feel well equipped to facilitate this kind of profound change for others.



  • To provide the best healing environment possible.

  • To assist each client with their healing in an individualized, gentle and focused way.

  • To  promote a sense of individual empowerment in each client.

  • To help the wider community.

As to my personal life, I am the mother of two good-hearted, gifted young men. I have come to the point where I truly enjoy life. I have recently moved back to Poland and built a cottage by the woods  in a village south of Warsaw. "Thank you" is probably the most frequent thought in my mind. Thank you for life, for its beauty and wholeness, for the opportunities to learn, to heal, to love, to give to others a little of what I've been given.

I hope you will consider inviting me to be a partner on your healing journey.

With blessings, 

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