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There are many ways of working with energy in the healing process- through my studies and experience, I have found the following methods of energy work to be most effective for my practice:






Energy Healing

BIOENERGY THERAPY (external chi healing)

As a bioenergist I will work with the auric field, the energy field that permeates and surrounds the physical body. With my hands, I see/feel the blockages, congestion or depletion and restore the smooth flow of life force, while balancing, clearing and recharging the bio-field and the chakra system. An example of the effectiveness of this work: in the case of fresh injury, I am usually able to remove the swelling and pain within about 20 minutes. There is extensive information about bio-energy work on the website of Mietek Wirkus, a famous Polish bioenergist. 

HANDS ON HEALING (for physical pain)

What is called 'the fire in the belly' in African traditional communities is really a concentrated spiritual energy (n'um). I received it as a spirit gift during a vision quest in 2007. On the third night of the quest my body got extremely hot, as if there was a furnace in my belly. Since then when I work with physical pain, I shake the client's body (gently) and loosen the energy blockages while running strong hot energy into the area, and often it removes pain within a few minutes.

JIN SHIN JYUTSU PHYSIO-PHILOSOPHY (certified JSJ practitioner and Self-Help instructor since 1999)

Jin Shin Jyutsu is Japanese for Creator's art through a compassionate man. It is based on ancient Japanese principles of working with the body's energy pathways to balance the flow of life force. As energy begins to flow freely within the body, the tensions that cause various symptoms are released. Similarly to acupressure Jin Shin Jyutsu uses hands-on sequences to restore mental and emotional equilibrium, relieve pain, and help release the causes of physical problems. A valuable complement to conventional healing methods, it can be used safely in conjunction with any other therapy or medication. 

The practitioner tunes into a person's rhythm and vibration without interfering in the other person's life, their body or their awareness. In words of Matthias Roth: "Jin Shin Jyutsu is a listening so careful and so skilled that it gives resonance to what is whole within." A Jin Shin Jyutsu session lasts about an hour and leaves one deeply relaxed, balanced, refreshed and energized. In the fast paced, stressful lifestyle so prevalent these days a session of Jin Shin Jyutsu creates an oasis of peace, and a context for healing and regeneration. 

YUEN METHOD OF CHINESE ENERGY HEALING (certified Yuen Method practitioner since 2001)

The Yuen Method of Chinese Energy Healing is one of the fastest, most advanced healing methods available today. It is a no-touch, non-invasive technique that can help resolve a full spectrum of issues, challenges and symptoms. The practitioner searches the person's energy field for the root causes of disease or discomfort, exploring the many levels that make up the whole being: physical, mental, emotional, psychic, spiritual and psychological levels of influences, collective influences, past-life traumas, triggers, choices, etc. The possible contributing weaknesses are found intuitively, traced to their root causes and corrected energetically. This process instantaneously de-energizes the negative programming which was at the root of the undesirable symptoms and circumstances. The positive choices are energized, strengthened and supported. This clears the way for manifesting the desired outcomes and healing. 


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